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This is the page where you can tell your story of before, during or after your military experience; it can be

all of of those put together. It can be a story of relatives, friends or colleagues.  We all have a story to tell so

would you like to share yours? This can be a short written summary or a short video clip.

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Gavin Campbell - Freelance Illustrator, Website Developer  & Graphic Designer.

Gavin is also one of 40 certified ACP's (Adobe Community Professionals) in the UK. Since 2001 he has been working with global brands in editorials, advertising, conceptual, branding and character development.

EPR Work:

1st website 2010

2nd website 2014

All flyers and artwork for past functions

Newsletter 2013

Link to recent Adobe presentation on his work to date:

Link to his website:


Dr Vanley Burke - Professional Photographer, UK

EPR Work:

Most of photos taken at events including group photo 2010 on Home page of EPR website:

Recording & Archiving EPR history through photography

Vanley Connecting History:


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