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Monday, 27 August 2018 16:00

Event 2017

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Event 2017 started with the usual meet and greet of people from far and wide, around the globe. Germany, the Caribbean, Canada and UK of course. There is always that feeling of warmth, togethernes, joy and even tears when people meet each other, some who have not met since early 70’s. It is a sight to behold, sometimes speechless, just a bear hug, a slap on back and even memory loss. Yes, most of us are firmly Senior Citizens and cannot deny it.

That long?................Yes!                Just right here...                                 Is it really yoy?........Yes its me                                            Having fun?

The event started with due recognition to those who has past on before us by paying respect with a salute of our Standards. 

                                                                         Standard Party parading and general salute of the Standards.

Master of Ceremony continuing proceedings with the program for the evening.

Trustees Pauline & Winston from The National Caribbean Monument Charity(TNCMC)

An update was given on the progress of the TNCMC in regards to its aim and objective of installing a monument in the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire for Caribbean Military Personnel from services to Britain. Following the update the new TNCMC Standard was unveiled for the first time and presented to the Charity by the Sponsor Martin Levermor.

Standard being presented to The National Caribbean Monument Charity by Martin Levermore, sponsored by his company

Educare Representive Dalsie Robinson introducing her Organisation

EPR Committee Member Anne Marie Weir

Guest Speaker Martin Levermore MBE

Martin delivered a captivating speech based on his military career followed by is success as an entrepreneur. 


Comedien, Annett, simply brought the house down. There were definite tears of joy and laughter which us nicely into shaking a leg or two on the dance.


Ken Straun, centre, was awarded a special thank you Certificate for 44 years service in the RAF & Cadets


 Eddy Dryton awarded the most Elderly Ex Service Person at EPR 2017


Some would say that this event was the best to date. If it wasn’t then it would be a very close second to the first one. The ingredient of the night was right, from greetings, reminiscing, respecting those who have passed, food and entertainment, it all blended into a joyous occasion. As our motto goes, FUN, LAUGHTER and EDUCATION.

A huge thanks to you the people that made this happen and much appreciation to the EPR Committee Members for yet another successful event.

Blog by Don Campbell

Photos by Alvin Salmon 







Thursday, 02 August 2018 05:19

Reunion 2018

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Ladies and Gentlemen, its great to be with you again on this wonderful journey of meeting and greating annually, trying to remember the old days, where, when and even why we met. Last year's event was arguable the best to date and we certainly hope to continue the same path of growth of EPR. You the publick matters greatly because without your support we cannot continue to provide the motto of EPR which is FUN, LAUGHTER and EDUCATION. 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 18:07

Event 2010

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EPR Newsletter

26th June 2010 5pm - 01.30 am


A beautiful sunny, Armed Forces Day, saw a very pleasant and bright evening with the sun setting around 8.30 to 9.00pm. The venue provided a spacious exterior with a balcony view pointing across a green sporting complex. Attendees came in drips and drabs, but came they did with wide grins, loud laughter, hand shakes and bear-hugs. It certainly was a sight to behold, one that would brighten any setting.

So the evening inevitably begun with comrades greeting one another, trying to bridge the gap of many years of not seeing, speaking or making any contact whatsoever with colleagues or friends. This definitely reinforced the need for such an occasion as this to be continued in the future, at a regularity to be determined by YOU the people.


Greetings and welcome was extended to all and tributes paid to comrades who have passed on.

Saltfish Canapes went down very well. Some people turned up late and didn't get any. Damn shame what!

After the main meal, which was blessed by Pastor Brian Scott, we paraded for a photo call of all Ex-Service personnel. This was easier said than done if you ask the photographer Dr Vanley Burke. (See photos at Gallery )


There were 4 categories of prizes as follows:

1st to arrive - Trevor Brathwaite - bottle of wine

1st to pay in full for EPR event - Sharon & Erick Senior - botle of champaign

Youngest attendee - Shyra (18 months) - box of celebration sweets.


Oldest Ex-Service Person in attendance - Ivan Kennedy (74) - presented with, but not given, the EPR mascot walking stick christened Sir Windrush.


All prizes were sponsored by the Company Bardon Travel Ltd Chauffeur Service,

EPR Website Presentation

A website has been built for the EPR to act as a vehicle and a focal point for all to access and catch upon the past, present and future. The website was built, and presented on the night, by Gavin Campbell


The following charities were chosen:

1. Help for Heroes

2. OSCAR Sandwell Sickle Cell & Thallassaemia

A very big thank you to all those who donated on the night , and special thanks to Ronnie Vaughan who, although he did not attend the event, kindly gave £50 towards the charities. Each Charity  received £100, as can be seen under News-Charities.

Dancing the Night Away........

With the help of the DJ we took a trip down memory lane, dancing to tunes from 25, 30 or even 40 years on.....the dance floor rocked with people shaking a leg or even two.......!!!!

Many thanks to Sherry, Ken, Griff and Happy for their help in organising this event, and thanks to Barbara & Lisa for the many hours they spent at the door booking everyone in.  Many thanks also for the support of families, partners and friends, your presence was well received.  Apology to anyone whose name is missing from the attendance list and for names spelt incorrectly.

A BIG thank you to all who emailed me photos, which can be found on the EPR website Gallery.

The proposed next EPR event is Armed Forces Day Saturday 25th June 2011.  Please be kind enough to respond to me with your thoughts of having this event as proposed next year or in two years time. Your reply can be by email, phone, text, Jungle Drums etc.

Yes, one love and blessing to you all.

Some talk about it, Some do it, Some talk about it and do it.


Don Campbell


Tuesday, 26 July 2011 21:17

EPR Questionnaire

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Summary of EPR Questionnaire Analysis

36 questionnaires returned – This does not mean that only 36 people responded as many coupled were observed filling in the questionnaire together, however the % figures are based on (36) questionnaires returned.

* 64% (23) of respondents voted for the event to be held annually.

* 30.5% (11) voted for every 2 years.

* 5.5% (2) voted for every 2 years.

* 55.5% (20) voted for the event to remain at the same venue.

* 39% (14) voted for the event to rotate around the country.

Of these 14, only 4 listed names of cities with London and Birmingham cited by 2 people, meaning 10 people who voted for rotation were content with other venues.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011 19:31

Events 2011

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Together Again!

The words went out on the streets that EPR 2011 will happen, same time, same place for the second consecutive year. Many who were clearly disappointed to have missed 2010`s event were destined to party with friends and colleagues at this event.

Due to the impetus, feedback and vision of EPR a group of us decided to form a committee, that would share the weight of commitment required to foster the growth of this event. The committee met on many occasions with rewarding results in formulating a structure for the way forward. The talent and enthusiasm of individuals on the committee was clear to see by their attitude, actions and results.

,The Pavilion, Moor Lane, Birmingham ticked every box regarding cost, space and security so we decided that all roads would lead to this venue for the second year for EPR 2011.



EPR Committee left to right: Wayne Howell, Ken Straun, Griff Griffith, Happy Davidson, Don Campbell,

Ossie Osbourne, Annette Erskine & Sherry Mcpherson


Yes ladies and gents this is were it starts

Although many guests pre-booked, many others turned up on the night with various reasons for not being able to make a commitment in advance. However, the committee did its best to cater for all in every way possible so that everyone would have a fulfilling night.


Evening All!

Tony & Joyce Sayers saying hello


Greetings old chaps!

Wayne Howell, Brian Phillips,.....& Wife........


Really? Yes!

Happy & Karen


Ladies and gents!

As always, once the fun and laughter starts discipline goes. I say again............


Barry Kelly entertaining the ladies


Beauty personified

This is surly what it is all about. Meeting up again, 10, 20, 30 or dare I say it, 40 years later and the radiance is still there for all to see.


Guttersloh Days


Laarbruch Days


Retake of a photo from the old days at Bruggen (5 from 15 people)


All photos used in this newsletter were taken by Dr Vanley Burke and individuals who kindly sent some of them to me. Please see the Gallery for majority of the photos taken at this event.

If you have photos of this event please send them to me where possible and I will include appropriate ones in this newsletter and the Gallery, particullarly of people dancing.


Including in the programme on the night was a raffle, and 4 catergories of awards. There were several raffle prizes but the top one was a trip for two to Jamaica.  Many thanks to all committee members who donated the prizes and a special thanks to Wayne & Voilet Howell for donating the top prize,

The 4 categories of awards were:


1st to arrive on the night - Barry Kelly - bottle of wine


1st to pay for event in full - Sharon(second year in a row) 2 bottles of Champain


Youngest ex-Service Person at EPR 2011 - Nigel (Slix) Ford - bottle of wine


Oldest Ex-Service Person at EPR 2011 - Frank (Frankie) Francis was presented with EPR Mascot (Walking stict called Sir Windrush) and a bottle of rum to take away.


Raffle Prize Winner - Ron Arneau


Raffle Prize winner - Sharon Senior


Raffle Prize Winner - Gerard Francois


Top Raffle Prize Winner on the night - (Left) Noel(Reg) Denny - a trip for 2 to Jamaica.

All raffle prizes were donated by  members of the EPR Committee.  A BIG thanks to all.

The DJ encouraged our dancing feet to merge on the dance floor,going way back in time with the music. It was clear to see that people were rocking to the beat whilst going down memory lane.


Lloyd is in another world?  Like the sign says, Fatal attraction!!!!

Who said there isn’t heaven on earth?

Many thanks to Dr Vanley Burke for giving us his very valuable time in providing  numerous photos of Event 2010 & 2011. For decades he has photographed and document the history of black people as can be seen by following this link:

There were up to 100 people attended on the night. With feedback from questionnaires and a guest book at the event its clear to see that the evening was a success.

For Summary of EPR Questionnaire Analysis Click:

A cheque for £150 being presented to Rachel McFee, Centre Manager of OSCAR Sandwell, by EPR Committee Member Sherry McPherson



The committee have created a badge to the represent our EPR identity:


gerards take 7 21

The attachment of the badge will be in the form of a `Tiepin`, costing hopefully approximately £2.50.  There will be one off production version of this badge dated 2010 to commemorate the inaugural event of EPR.  All other productions will not be dated.




Sunday, 15 January 2012 21:45

50th Anniversary Ball

Written by













7.00PM (19.00 HOURS) UNTIL 01.00 AM (01.00 HOURS)














Contribution BDS. $ 135.00 (all inclusive)



Information: Tel: William (Oszye) Osbourne 12464238706// 2523784

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Delbert Nurse 1246 428 6984// 2360141

Kelvin Holford 1246 438 6722// 432 9156









Dear friends,


I am writing to you wishing all a prosperous, safe and healthy 2012.


This is to notify you of our planned celebrations in May 2012, for the young men that left our island Barbados in the months March to June 1962 for the adventure of a military life in the United Kingdom.


We are also giving thanks for all our brothers and sisters that served in the armed forces.  This is an opportunity to rekindle old friendships, now that we are reaching a time in our lives when the memories are fading.


We, the now old sweats are hoping that those that know of the celebrations will pass on the information to those that at present we do have any contact information.


All of us that are residing back home are looking forward to welcoming as many of you that can get here. We are hoping that you will make every effort to come and see our amazing homeland and us.


Come in from the cold and enjoy the sea, sun and sand.

On the night of the event if you do not wish to go home, the hotel is giving a room to sleep 4 for the cost of BDS$200.00/ night.


Please use the contact information and do not hesitate to contact any of us or any one that you know here.

Send to me any of the fellows that you know, addresses, telephone numbers or Email, and I will make every effort to contact them.


Here are some names that we wish to contact: Orville Skinner. Carlyle Nicholls. Julian Nelson. Richard (Snowy) Weekes. Oliver Maloney. Nat Walters. Deacon Walters. Jeff Griffiths. Oliver Wilkinson


Please see the attached flyer.


Best regards


William (Oszye) Osbourne



Tuesday, 30 August 2011 01:00

Attendance 2011

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Attendance List
Name Apologies Honours Tributes
Ron Armeau
Marlyn Beaton
Bem Ellis   Dennis Gentles
Henry Blucher + 3
    George Fraser
Ronnie Bond
Trevor Braithwaite + 1
Joyce Britton + 1
    Nevil Meade
Sandra Brown + 1
Vanley Burke
    Phillis Hilton
Barbara Campbell
    Lester Robinson
Don Campbell
    Nobby Clarke
Newton Clark
Randy Clarke  + 2
    Peter Blackwood
Spider & Pat Clarke
Carol Curtis
Happy Davidson
Patsy Davies + 1
Noel Denny + 1
Annette Erskin
Frank Francis
Gerard Francois
Nigel Forde
Gregory Griffith
Wayne Howel
Violet Howell
Roger James + 1
Barry Kelly
Calvin Lambert
B Liverpool
Ron Lisk-Carew
Sherry McPherson
Janet Morris
Lucette Murray
Elaine Osborne (Ozzy)
Brian Phillips
Phillip Reid
Eve Salt
Joyce Sawyers
Tony Sawyers
Eric Senior + 5
Ken Straun + 1
Maggie Sanchez + 2      
Don Smith + 1
Tony Waldran
Gloria Waldran
Ronnie Vaughan
Monday, 30 December 2013 10:35

Farewell to Sherry

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Farewell to Sherry

It is with great sadness that one of our dearest EPR has past away on the 10th December 2013. Sherry was one of the original EPR Committee Members, and was a true believer in the meaning and cause of this event.

Only a few weeks ago attending a Committee meeting where she resigned as Secretary due to her illness.

Her illness was know to many but as always it is a shock when the inevitable happens.

May she Rest in Peace.


Young and spritely days, pre EPR

Early years as a Soldier in the British Army.

Sherry, EPR 2012.

WAWI Project Guard of Honour: (Supported by 2 EPR Committee Members)

There was a military salut during the church service, to the sound of the last post, to honour Sherry`s Military Service.

Guard of Honour bidding farewell after the church service.

Sherry, Ex EPR Secretary, being laid to rest.

EPR Wreath organised and presented by a Committee Member, Ken Straun.

Greg Griffith bidding last farewell by placing the EPR Wreath on behalf of the Committee.


Final farewell


Thank you note from Sherry`s son Nahshon:
Hi everyone.  I’d like to thank you you all immensely for making yesterday the amazingly special event that it was. Your presence, your outfits, your smiles,your hugs, your all warmed my heart on what could have been the coldest day of my life – so for that, I thank you sincerely. I will forever remember yesterday very fondly, and I hope you all will too.  It makes me proud to know my mom was so loved and that you all came out to celebrate her.
Big Love









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