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They also fuelled a lively self-publishing business for some companies, and Goliath Games was one of those. Its game, Track Suit Manager, went up against Football Manager 2, and while it may not have won the box office battle, it certainly proved to be a hugely ambitious game. Its key gimmick, which had more substance to it than you might first think, was running text commentary.

It worked well too. And while Track Suit Manager was focused on international football management only, it was one of the best of its ilk on the Spectrum. The Magic Knight series of games deserve to go down in folklore, as evidence as to just how exciting and interesting the budget software scene was on the ZX Spectrum.

Finders Keepers and Spellbound were both strong, but Knight Tyme was the best for me. It was far more adventure driven than Finders Keepers, and marked the peak of the series, payday loans no credit check Stormbringer finished the Magic Knight games off.

To be fair, any four of the Magic Knight titles are still worth trying. The Dizzy games were good, but it's surely Magic Payday loans no credit check that's the best budget series of all time on the Speccy. I've lost way too much time of late to the massively multiplayer online take on Bomberman, Bombermine.

We wrote about it here. But the roots of Bomberman lie in Hudson Soft's earlier piece of work, Eric And The Floaters. Crucially, it got the core dynamic in place and working from the off too, in that you lay bombs to blow other people up, while getting out of the way yourself.

Plus, let's face it, Eric And The Floaters is an extraordinarily brilliant name for a computer game. Nobody can ever convince me otherwise. The Spectrum had two excellent Thunderbirds games.

The later one, from Grand Slam, tends to be the most remembered (and remains strong). But the earlier Firebird published version (that came in a chunky cassette box) kept me busy for hours. It was a game that used the ships of Thunderbirds and turned them into a puzzle game, as you worked out which craft you needed for which job.

It was terrible to look at, but a real time gobbler to play. Originally published as Splitting Images before some lawyers wrote a couple of letters, Split Personalities was a computerised version of sliding square puzzle games. Fortunately, quirks were introduced, and they transformed the game into one of the Spectrum's very best puzzle games.

The simple use of bombs and a constant countdown to battle against, along with some familiar, characterised faces to put together, made Split Personalities an absolute blast. Surely ripe for an iOS and Android version too.

The finest beard of the ZX Spectrum era belonged to Kevin Toms, who's best known for the Football Manager series. Toms also wrote a political strategy game, President, but his forgotten gem was Software Star. Key decisions, which are played out in the industry on a day to day basis, include whether to hype a game up or keep it honest. And should you release a game early, or put in some extra development hours. Simple decisions maybe, but the tension when it came time to release a new title was palpable.

Game Dev Story, for the iPhone, is the only game to really capture the spirit of Software Star since. Tools such as the The Quill, Graphic Adventure Creator (GAC) and the Professional Adventure Writer (PAW) saw a resurgence in the text adventure towards the end of the Spectrum's active life. And for me, it was the Behind Closed Doors games from Zenobi Software that marked the peak. The Spectrum has plenty of acclaimed, humorous text adventures - The Boggit and Bored Of The Rings stand alone - but Behind Closed Doors deserves recognition for both its comedy and its imagination.

It's, basically, a hugely entertaining collection of games about being locked in the toilet. You'd never see that on a PlayStation. And you thought it was Grand Theft Auto that introducing the whole driving wherever you like around a city mechanic. Durrell Software published games that were notoriously rock hard, but that shouldn't cloud some of the firm's technical achievements. Turbo Esprit was a game where you could ignore the plot if you wanted, and just go payday loan online for a drive around a seemingly living city (complete with traffic lights to, er, obey).

Four free-roaming cities were included in the game to explore, and while the main game was arguably less interesting than the technical breakthroughs here, it was long before Rockstar struck gold in learning that there's a lot of fun to be had going off piste.

It was nothing special to look at, in truth, but it built on the already-impressive Ghosts 'N' Goblins, and with some style. Any game that reduces you to underwear when the undead get to you has to earn some credit from the off. As it turned out, Ghouls 'N' Ghosts had an excellent platform game underneath all the humour. The last level's a killer, though. A controversial release, this one.

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